The Grab Bag Empire: A New Beginning

A new beginning can mean a lot of things to many people.  It can mean a new outlook on life, a new diet, a change in wardrobe, even a new place of residence.  To me, a new beginning means all of those things emcompassed into one.  If you know me as a person, i tend to love fashion, i love changing my outlook on life, i have tried many diets, and even have changed my place of residence quite a few times.  This blog is going to be a  grab bag of many different things depending on the day, and what happens to be going on in the world.  You could have the pleasure of hearing about my observations, opinions and even the informative side of me.  With that being said, i want to welcome you all to “The Grab Bag Empire”, a blog about anything and everything.  This blog is going to serve as my new beginning to me, you and the entire world.

So enjoy and read on!


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