The Grab Bag Empire: The “Silent” Challenge

I happened to be reading my daily dose of blocs and I happened to drop in on one that asked its readers to a writing challenge. Granted I was very skeptical of whatnthis challenge could entail, I read on and found myself quite intrigued! The challenge was to use silence in some way and write about it, whether it be you are writing a story where a characters voice is silent or you are simply using silence as to think of a new idea for a blog. I decided to do something much simpler. I was going to see how long I was able to stay completely silent, using no voice or any shred of electronics. I liked the challenge and welcomed it and was happy to give his writing challenge a try. So here are the results.

I decided to start the challenge the moment I got into my car at 3pm when I knew most of my distractions and possible using of my voice would be done. I buckled myself in and hit the road. I had to catch myself when I went to turn on the radio right away and had to consciously remind myself every minute of the challenge I was doing. I finally reached my apartment which seemed like the longest and quietest ride ever and saw some people that I knew standing outside. I purposely took forever to get out of the car so I wouldn’t have to converse with them to ruin the challenge. It was now 3:15pm and I just walked through my door while still being completely silent. I got my cleaning bug at that moment and decided to deep clean my apartment. Once I got into cleaning clothes and hooked my phone up to the speakers and let the good ol’ country voices fill the apartment. Listening to music then made me belt out the lyrics and dance around the apartment. Crud. It was then 3:25 when I broke the challenge. 25 minutes of staying silent was quite a feat except I had to constantly think about it. I wanted to embrace the fact that I was going to be silent and welcomed the time to think. Thinking I did, but only about being silent and nothing else. Interesting indeed!

Doing this challenge was not only kind of fun but it was very interesting. We think that we welcome silence, however most of us don’t realize how hard it actually is to BE silent and not have to think about it.

How about you? Can you beat 25 minutes of being totally silent and listening to no music or television? This also includes the 6 second vines as well!

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