The Grab Bag Empire: The Heart of Service

We as humans are gifted with a heart at birth.  A good heart is one that beats on time, pumps blood and serves as a dutiful muscle to the person whom it is embedded.  A bad heart is one that may have trouble doing any one of those things or may just be plagued with disease.  Unfortunately, we are unable to pick the heart we receive during birth and we may or may not be gifted with a bad heart.  On the bright side, with the advancement of technology and education, surgeries were developed in order to help relieve us of these bad times by repairing our bad heart.  I do know, coming from a family with heart disease and I having heart surgery myself, that not everything can be fixed which is deeply discouraging and disheartening.

Now, what if we looked at the heart as the compassion and caring center of the human, how would the previously stated paragraph change?  Honestly, it changes drastically in the new context at hand.  I believe that people all have good in them.  We all have some amount of compassion and the ability to care, we on this earth are proof.  So if we subtract the bad heart from the equation, and everyone has a good heart (compassion and caring center), then why do i keep hearing there is a difference in the hearts of people.  Some people have the heart for art, and others medicine.  Others, such as myself have the heart of service/people.  Those hearts are ones that can take all bodily fluids, feed others, and assist with personal hygiene such as brushing teeth and showering.  Why i say that is because i have a job that deals with every one of those characteristics in great detail, and I LOVE IT!


I work for a company that serves individuals with intellectual disabilities.  My position is listed as a DSA or a Direct Support Associate.  I work regularly with two individuals and help out with many more.  My day usually looks different every day, but usually consists helping the individuals become more independent.  It is my job to help them achieve goals through running programs, or classes if you will.  Some are learning simple colors, counting, and survival signs.  Others are learning multiplication tables, how to write paragraphs and read novels.  Either way, it is something the individual needs to help him or her become independent and less dependent on us.  There is also the CNA portion of the job, where we assist with taking someone to the bathroom, feeding them and giving them medications.  Not all of it is pretty, but all worth it.


The heart is very important in the service field.  You see and hear things that you shouldn’t be hearing, and sometimes you are emotionally and physically drained by the end of the day.  A heart of service is a heart that beats specifically for that reason.  It is there to keep you going, to get you through the rough days, and keep you moving and motivated through the good days.  The heart is also there to remind you why you are doing what you are doing.  So if a heart for medicine walks into this job, i can guarantee that his heart would be like  “We are going to get the hell out of here.  Lets go look at a chemistry book.”, just for the remind of what it wants.  You have to want this job.  You have to do it because you love it.  You are not able to have a bad heart in this job.  A surgery cannot take away the lack of service qualities in you, but it might add the qualities.  I have seen people go through a period where they were very unsure that the job i have is for them.  However, as the time progressed, surgery or love started pushing its way into their heart, changing it to one day, a heart of service.  It was a complete transformation, but the bad heart or old heart had to be discarded and mending and tweaking needed to take place.

So why is this all relevant?  This field is always looking for people with hearts of service; People who have unending compassion for disabled individuals.  Think your interested, then take a chance.  Not quite sure?  Remember that there is no such thing as a bad heart when dealing with a compassion and caring center.  Maybe all you need is a trial run in the job.  Maybe you know for sure you are just not cut out for it.  Remember though, surgery is always an option but a bit of a risk.  Take the plunge and your life may be changed forever.  I have learned much more from these people than i have taught them, and i am forever thankful.  You might not be able to choose the actual heart you are gifted with at birth, but you can choose the dream your heart wants to follow.



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